Collaborative Computational Project No. 4
Software for Macromolecular X-Ray Crystallography

CCP4 Staff Pages

This page contains information and resources for core CCP4 staff at Rutherford (and Martyn at Daresbury).

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CCP4 Helpdesk & Handbook

Helpdesk duty roster Who's on helpdesk duty when 6/12/2004
CCP4 Programmers' Handbook [Word] [PDF] [HTML] Draft version of a handbook outlining duties and protocols 14/11/2008
CCP4 computer details - see tcfs2:\ccp4_null\machines List of machine alive and unused as well as available parts. 23/09/2008

Web and Ftp Statistics

Disk Location for CCP4 web pages. dlpx1: ~ccp4/public/www/ 26/03/2002
Disk Location for CCP4 ftp site. dlpx1: ~ccp4/public/ftp/ 26/03/2002
Counters Docs for setting up web counters 26/04/2001
www.ccp4 stats Statistics for web pages 6/12/2001
ftp.ccp4 stats Statistics for ftp site 6/12/2001
ccp4a.dl stats Statistics for ccp4a ftp site 25/04/2002

CCP4 Administration

GPC Account Codes CCLRC/GPC account codes to used for different types of transactions 18/05/2006
[Add someone] [Edit Anyone] Tools for editing and adding people to the people pages. 13/09/2002
CCP4 Group Library Page written to keep a track of CCP4 group books. 13/09/2002
Newsletter Edition (UNDER DEVELOPMENT) Page written to generate or edit CCP4 web-newsletter. 25/06/2005
Add courses Add courses to be displayed on the website. Does not work! 02/01/2012
[CCP4] [CCP4BB] [CCP4-DEV] [3DCCP4] List archives supplied by CLRC 10/09/2002


CCP4 Release Handbook [Word] [PDF] [HTML] Handbook outlining technical procedures for making a release 12/09/2008
CCP4 Release 6.3.1: Information Information for DL staff on the next release 01/01/2013
CCP4 Release 6.3: Information Information for DL staff on 6.3.0 release 21/09/2011
CCP4 Release 6.2: Information Information for DL staff on next release 12/01/2009
CCP4 Release 6.1: Information Information for DL staff on current release 11/01/2007
CCP4 Release 6.0: Information Information for DL staff on 6.0 release 13/09/2004
CCP4 Release 5.0: Information Information for DL staff on 5.0 release 6/12/2002
CCP4 Release 5.0 review Post implementation review of 5.0 release 14/10/2004
CCP4 New Library Release: Information Information for DL staff on 5.0 library release 20/05/2002
Modernisation Plans Information for RAL staff suite modernisation plans 23/07/2012
CCP4 Updates (pdf) CCP4 Update Setup and Preparation Procedure 03/09/2012
CCP4 Auto Updates Flowchart (pdf) CCP4 Automtic Updater Setup and Preparation Procedure 10/10/2012
BioXHIT Technical Annex [Word] The full Technical Annex for the BioXHIT project 3/9/2003

Bug Tracking and Testing

Bugzilla Bugzilla used for tracking CCP4 bugs 4/7/2003
New Problem page prototype Prototype with all the functions to add, fix or delete problems, plan is to make only search available outside and report/fix/delete available here on the group page. 6/7/2005
Autobuilds: background Describes the setup of the automated build and test jobs running on the machines at DL 15/09/2008
Autobuild results:
[Developmental branch]
[series-6_1 Branch]
Results from CCP4 autobuild tests on various platforms 7/12/2001
Internal downloads pages for testing Downloads pages for testing 19/3/2012
Buildbot Web interface to Buildbot running autobuild on various platforms. 10/1/2012
Nightly builds Automatically generated nightly builds and Buildbot log files. 10/1/2012
Buildslave creation Instructions on how to configure a buildslave to run auto-build on your platform. 27/1/2012
Windows/Linux Nightly's Marcin's nightly Linux and Windows builds 22/3/2013
Update preparation Update preparation example and um_local usage 28/11/2013

Background information and resources

Useful Documentation Documentation for various bits and pieces such as the DBhandler, Windows build, etc. 20/03/2009
Windows Documentation All you wanted to know about windows but were afraid to ask 05/09/2008
Build setups on dlpx1 Description of setup for building IRIX n32 and 64 on dlpx1 01/09/2003
Meetings Minutes of various meetings held between staff at DL 19/11/2002
CCP4 Licence Resources Resources for CCP4 staff relating to licensing (documents, banners, policy etc) 22/1/2004
CCP4 Compute Cluster Details about the CCP4 compute cluster at Daresbury Lab. 11/5/2006
Local PDB Mirror Details about the local PDB mirror stored on the CCP4 cluster. 23/7/2008
PJB Projects Details about the various CCP4 projects that PJB was working on. 23/9/2008
CCP4 Core Group Projects Details about the various CCP4 core group projects. 10/3/2010
FR Projects Box All you need to know to resurrect these projects currently in cryogenic sleep 23/09/2008
STFC template documents STFC templates for powerpoint presentations, letters, faxes, etc. 14/10/2008
Bazaar A brief report on migrating the revision control of the CCP4 repository from CVS to Bazaar 26/10/2011
Bazaar tutorial A brief tutorial for using Bazaar with CCP4Forge. 22/08/2012 CSE help desk support email address. Help with computational issues. 27/02/2009
Misc Docs (MWW) Documentation for Windows Installer, package dependency graph, list of authors and programs 11/01/2012
Job list How to regenerate the PX Vacancy Postings list. 26/09/2018

Relevant Health and Safety information

STFC SHE codes Manual Handling (SC12), Risk Management (SC6), etc. 16/5/2008
STFC(RAL) DSE codes Display Screen Equipment, including notes on eye tests. 16/5/2008
Office RA Office Risk Assessment (and yes we are meant to do this) 16/5/2008