Collaborative Computational Project No. 4
Software for Macromolecular X-Ray Crystallography

CCP4 Group Useful Documentation

This page provides links to various pieces of documentation.

Useful articles

Database Handler dbccp4i

The source code for dbccp4i is now in the main CCP4 CVS repository, in the subdirectory $CCP4/share/dbccp4i/. This area contains the handler code plus the client APIs, applications and documentation.

A technical overview document is under development (see bugzilla #1893).

Link to dbccp4i documentation in Word format.


The autobuild scripts live in a CVS repository called auto-build in /ccpdisk/xtal/CVSROOT.

There are various pieces of associated documentation:

In the auto-build CVS archive there is an autobuild.html document (in the html subdirectory) which has comprehensive and detailed information on the mechanics of how the scripts work and how to update them. The last updated version from Pete is available here.

There is also a long-standing bug in the builds on dlpx1 regarding Phaser/CCTBX, which has never been resolved:

The autobuilds have passed over to Graeme Winter for day-to-day monitoring and maintenance.