CCP4 setup on dlpx1

From M.D.Winn on Fri, 15 Aug 2003

/ccpdisk/xtal/iri*build* areas have never worked well except for CPROG maybe.

Also, most of us work on our own machines nowadays.

So I've re-jigged the setup, as follows:

We build and install locally in /ccpdisk/xtal/ccp4 and /ccpdisk/xtal/ccp4_64
We copy from there to /pxbin and /ccpdisk/ccp4/lib to make it public ...

/ccpdisk/xtal/ccp4/include/ccp4.setup is the old one, for locals who use it. We should use:

Updating "pxbin" on dlpx1

From A.W.Ashton on Wed, 17 Sep 2003

... to edit things in /pxbin we currently need to follow the full mount path:

cd /net/pxfs5/PX/dlpx1-pxbin/