Collaborative Computational Project No. 4
Software for Macromolecular X-Ray Crystallography

FR Project Box

This is mainly a place holder to have information on the projects I was working on but did not have time to complete.

The new Loggraph: JLogView

This is the intended replacement of the old loggraph. It is currently in a branch in CVS (see bug 3315 for details). The source code is in $CCP4/src/JLogView_ the directory also contains JLogView.jar which is the latest built version. In its current state it can be used instead of the old loggraph by replacing the command to run loggraph with

java -jar [file join [GetEnvPath CBIN] JLogView.jar]
in the ccp4i configuration. The code has been filled with javadoc tags so that a complete API is available for whom will take this on. You can find the API by clicking here.

There is a new markup language proposol for this new loggraph. This means a parser will have to be written for it. The language has been designed to be as rigid syntactically as possible but very flexible in terms of drawing capabilities. the new markup document

The new problem pages

The following document outlines all the concept ideas behind the new system and why it was developed. It also outlines all the source code file use and how the whole system used. Finally it give details about the current status, what could be improved and how to maintain it.

problem pages documentation