Collaborative Computational Project No. 4
Software for Macromolecular X-Ray Crystallography

GPC Account Code Information

This information relates to all CCP4 staff who use GPC cards for purchases or who have to fill in forms with a project code and an account code. Note that the on-line GPC system now also allows the inclusion of the account code when a transaction is approved.

The account code is the item that tells the person in finance what the item pertains to - as an example, book purchases have the account code 6156 (Books and Periodicals).

The following is a list of the most used account code numbers. A complete list can be obtained from Maeri Howard upon request. If you are not sure where to include the number when approving your transaction on your GPC, please ask Maeri or Charles.

Recurrent Expenditure - Purchase of Equipment and Supplies
Item Number
Books and Periodicals 6156
Chemicals (including car fuel) 6158
Computing Equipment/Supplies 6164
Computing Software 6168
Printing (posters etc) 6307
Recurrent Expenditure - Travel and Subsistence
Item Number
Conference/meeting fees within UK 6405
Working Lunches 6406
CCLRC employees travel & subsistence within UK 6401
Conference/meeting fees for foreign meetings 6453
CCLRC employees foreign travel & subsistence 6451
Non-CCLRC employees travel & subsistence within UK 6403
Hire of transport (rental cars/taxis) 6306
The catch all code
Miscellaneous 6301

As much as possible, please use these account codes as it makes it easier for CCP4 expenditures to tracked more efficiently.

18th May 2006