CCP4 New Library Release: Information (Updated 20/05/02)

This document contains information about the status, content and schedule for next release of the CCP4 software suite based on the new library.

CINCH - Crystallography IN C Headers

This is the name of the new library. You don't like it? You think of something better....

Current Status

Source Code

Source code is under CVS in /ccpdisk/xtal/ccp4/lib/newsrc

Wrappers for scripting languages, e.g. cmtzlib_python_wrap.c are generated using SWIG. This lives in /ccpstaff/ccp4/mdw/cmtz/swig If you are going to use this, you need to

setenv SWIG_LIB /ccpstaff/ccp4/mdw/cmtz/swig/swig_lib


newsrc/data contains syminfo.lib which is the new symmetry data file. You'll need to

setenv SYMOP /ccpdisk/xtal/ccp4/lib/newsrc/data/syminfo.lib

prior to running anything. This file is generated in /ccpstaff/ccp4/mdw/csym/gensymlib - you'll have to ask if you want to know.


Some documentation in newsrc/html

In addition:

doxygen Doxyfile

creates documentation from comments in .h files and puts it in

Building and testing

In directory newsrc you have a choice of:

In /ccpdisk/xtal/irixn32-newlib/src you can type "make truncate" etc. and this will build traditional programs linked against libnewccp4.a

What needs to be done

  1. Test, test, test Fortran programs against new library.
  2. Tidy cmtz for use with C programs
  3. New cmap from Charles?
  4. Port to all platforms.
  5. Write some C applications.
  6. Write some tcl applications.
  7. Write some python applications.
  8. Finish documenting.