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Important: see below for information on submissions and copyright. Please pay particular attention if you wish to cite an article which has appeared in the newsletter.

Current Issue

The latest issue of the CCP4 Newsletter is

Number 49: Summer 2013
Number 49: Summer 2013 (single pdf)

Back Issues

We now host a complete archive of back issues of the newsletter, from its beginnings as the Daresbury Laboratory Information Quarterly for Protein Crystallography through to its current incarnation as the CCP4 Newsletter on Protein Crystallography. Issues 1 to 29 are presented as PDF scans of print copies. Later issues are in original electronic formats; either HTML, PDF or sets of PostScript files.

Number Date HTML PDF Other
48 Summer 2012 HTML PDF  
47 Winter 2007-2008 HTML PDF  
46 Summer 2007 HTML PDF  
45 Winter 2006-2007 HTML PDF  
44 Summer 2006 HTML PDF  
43 Winter 2005 HTML PDF  
42 Summer 2005 HTML PDF  
41 June 2002 HTML PDF  
40 March 2002 HTML PDF  
39 March 2001 HTML PDF Postscript
38 April 2000 HTML PDF Postscript
37 October 1999 HTML PDF Postscript
36 February 1999 HTML PDF Postscript
35 July 1998 HTML PDF Postscript
34 September 1997 HTML PDF Postscript
33 January 1997 HTML PDF Postscript
32 June 1996   PDF Postscript
31 November 1994
June 1995
Please note the erratum for issue 31
Nov 1994
June 1995
30 June 1994     PostScript
29 November 1993   PDF scan  
28 May 1993   PDF scan  
27 November 1992   PDF scan  
26 April 1992   PDF scan  
25 April 1991   PDF scan  
24 December 1989   PDF scan  
23 June 1989   PDF scan  
22 May 1988   PDF scan  
21 October 1987   PDF scan  
20 June 1987   PDF scan  
19 December 1986   PDF scan  
18 July 1986   PDF scan  
17 March 1986   PDF scan  
16 September 1985   PDF scan  
15 July 1985   PDF scan  
14 April 1985   PDF scan  
13 July 1984   PDF scan  
12 December 1983   PDF scan  
11 June 1983   PDF scan  
10 February 1983   PDF scan  
9 August 1982   PDF scan  
8 March 1982   PDF scan  
7 September 1981   PDF scan  
6 May 1981   PDF scan  
5 December 1980   PDF scan  
4 August 1980   PDF scan  
3 May 1980   PDF scan  
2 January 1980   PDF scan  
1 October 1979   PDF scan  

Nb: please note that links to other documents may go out of date as time goes on, especially in older newsletter articles. Sorry for any inconvenience!

Erratum for issue 31: there was a mistake in numbering the June 1995 newsletter, so there are two issues 31. Please take care if referring to these issues to also quote the month & year.

Contributions for the CCP4 Newsletter

The next CCP4 Newsletter is due out later this year, but we are happy to accept contributions at any time.

Articles may cover any topic of interest to macromolecular crystallographers, and we are particularly interested in articles on software or methodology. Short items of news are also very welcome — help put the news back into Newsletter!

Please send your contributions to .

NB: The newsletter is moving to PDF only format. We prefer contributions in a format editable by Microsoft Word. A template is under development and will be published here once it is ready.


Referencing newsletter articles
Please read the copyright notice below.

Copyright notice
The CCP4 Newsletter is not a formal publication and the authors retain full copyright on their contributions. The articles reproduced here may be freely downloaded for personal use, but unless the article includes a statement granting permission to reference, copy or quote from it, such permission must be sought directly from the authors and agreed with them personally.

Enquiries and Submissions
Any enquiries about or submissions to the CCP4 Newsletter should be directed in the first instance to .

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