An informal Newsletter associated with the BBSRC Collaborative Computational Project No. 4 on Protein Crystallography.
Number 36 February 1999


  1. News from CCP4
    Peter Briggs, Martyn Winn, Sue Bailey, and Alun Ashton
  2. Report on the 1999 CCP4 Study Weekend in Sheffield: Data Collection and Processing
    Johan Turkenburg
  3. Report from the Joint CCP4/EBI Software Developers and Data Harvesting Workshop
    Kim Henrick and Eleanor Dodson
  4. Report from the CCP4/EU 1998 Advanced Methods Refinement Workshop at York
    Eleanor Dodson
  5. News of the CCP4I Documentation and Tutorials
    Maria Turkenburg
  6. MMIFL: Dealing with Diversity in Scientific Image Formats
    J Bernard Heymann
  7. Recent improvements to the `dm' package
    Kevin Cowtan
  8. Datasets to Maps: A Wrapper for SHELXS and the CCP4 Program Suite
    Paul Emsley
  9. DynDom: A Program to Determine Domains, Hinges Axes, and Hinge Bending Residues
    Steven Hayward
  10. Improved Software for Laue Data Processing
    Steffi Arzt
  11. Crystallography Under Linux: A Review of Several Currently Available Programs
    Mary A. Canady and John Tate
  12. News of MOSFLM 6.0
    Harry Powell
  13. Writing CCP4 Scripts in Perl
    E. Courcelle and J.P. Samama

Editor: Peter Briggs Daresbury Laboratory, Daresbury,
Warrington, WA4 4AD, UK

NOTE: The CCP4 Newsletter is not a formal publication and permission to refer to or quote from the articles reproduced here must be referred to the authors. Contributions are invited for the next issue of the newsletter, and should be sent to Peter Briggs by e-mail at by 31st July 1999. HTML is preferred but other formats are also acceptable.

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