An informal Newsletter associated with the BBSRC Collaborative Computational Project No. 4 on Protein Crystallography.
Number 39 March 2001


  1. News from CCP4
    Peter Briggs, Martyn Winn, Sue Bailey, Alun Ashton, David Brown, Charles Ballard
  2. SC: measuring shape complementarity at protein-protein interfaces
    Mike Lawrence
  3. ANISOANL - analysing anisotropic displacement parameters
    Martyn Winn
  4. LAPACK in CCP4 4.1
    Peter Briggs
  5. A System for storing Annotated Diffraction Data
    John Badger
  6. CCP4 Molecular Graphics
    Liz Potterton
  7. ARP/wARP goes CCP4i
    Anastassis Perrakis, Liz Potterton and Victor Lamzin
  8. Vector-Search Methods in Molecular Replacement
    Carmen Álvarez-Rúa, Javier Borge and Santiago García-Granda
  9. MAPSLICER: an interactive viewer for contoured map sections
    Peter Briggs
  10. Protein Crystallography Specialist Users Group Meeting
    Pierre Rizkallah
  11. Maximum-Likelihood Refinement of Atomic Models using Least-Squares Criterion
    P. Afonine, V.Y. Lunin and A. Urzhumtsev
  12. CCP4i Chart Interface
    Paul Emsley
  13. Efficient calculation of the exact matrix of the second derivatives
    Alexandre G. Urzhumtsev and Vladimir Y. Lunin
  14. Reports from the Daresbury Protein Crystallography Data Collection Workshop
    Liz Duke and Jasveen Chugh
  15. Improvement of noisy maps by bulk solvent correction
    A. Fokine and A. Urzhumtsev
  16. Multiple rotation function
    L. Urzhumtseva & A. Urzhumtsev
  17. An Open Source Multi-purpose Programming Environment for Macromolecular Crystallography
    Thomas Hamelryck and Morten Kjeldgaard
  18. Recent improvements to Mosflm - version 6.11
    Harry Powell
  19. Recent CCP4BB Discussions
    Maria Turkenburg
  20. CCP4/Max-INF Workshop on Refinement and Validation of Macromolecular Structure
    Eleanor Dodson

Editor: Peter Briggs Daresbury Laboratory, Daresbury,
Warrington, WA4 4AD, UK

NOTE: The CCP4 Newsletter is not a formal publication and permission to refer to or quote from the articles reproduced here must be referred to the authors. Contributions are invited for the next issue of the newsletter, and should be sent to Charles Ballard by e-mail at by 31st August 2001. HTML is preferred but other formats are also acceptable.

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