Collaborative Computational Project No. 4
Software for Macromolecular X-Ray Crystallography

The CCP4 Bulletin Board

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What is CCP4bb?

CCP4bb is an electronic mailing list intended to host discussions about topics of general interest to macromolecular crystallographers. Any crystallographic-related item is acceptable, and doesn't have to be directly related to CCP4. The bulletin board is routinely used to request information, and to inform people about job vacancies, new services and the availability of new or updated software.

Receiving messages from and posting to CCP4bb

The CCP4bb email list is administered by JISCmail. The list is PUBLIC, meaning that the archives can be accessed by anyone, and are indexed by search engines. For more details, see the JISCmail Service Policies page.

Once you are subscribed to the list, you will automatically receive a copy of each message posted to the list. You can also post a message to CCP4bb by sending it as an email directly to

To prevent abuse of the mailing list (and particularly to prevent spam being posted to the list), only members of the CCP4bb list are able to post to it. This is done by checking the email address of the sender against the subscribed email addresses. It is therefore very important to subscribe the correct email address.

People are encouraged to post summaries of advice and information received from discussions which they have initiated or participated in (this is especially useful since many of the responses don't go to the list, only to the person who originally asked the question).


Some useful tips on the etiquette of posting questions to groups such as ccp4bb can be found in this FAQ from Eric Raymond. The advice amounts to: be considerate and think before posting. Some specific rules:

Subscribing and unsubscribing

There are three ways you can subscribe your email address to CCP4bb

To subsequently remove yourself the same management tools are available, eg via e-mail send

      unsubscribe ccp4bb

to the same address.

More information is available at jiscmail help. If you want to change your email address on CCP4BB, or have some other request, send email to the list owner.

Retrieving old messages

Old messages can be browsed and searched at the list's home page:

Other archives of CCP4bb messages are kept by various individuals around the world. We can make no promises of the reliability or availability of such archives.

Problems with CCP4bb

The most common reason for postings not appearing on CCP4bb is that the sender's address doesn't match any of those on the list of subscribers - either because they are not subscribed, or because they are subscribed but with a different address.

Other problems include being unable to subscribe or unsubscribe addresses, receiving multiple copies of the same posting, and receiving "out-of-office replies" in response to posting a message.

In all cases, if you are unable to resolve the problem yourself then please contact the CCP4 help desk at We are able to resolve most problems with CCP4bb quite easily.

Other mailing lists

In addition to the general CCP4bb list, CCP4 provides a specialised mailing list aimed at software developers, called CCP4-dev.