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[ccp4bb] Job posting

We are looking for a Structural Biologist to head up a group in the Protein Structure and Biophysics department.

Job ID:  67082


Role overview


The Protein Structure and Biophysics department, within the R&D sector of UCB, comprises 4 sub-groups:

Protein Production, Protein Structure, Protein Biophysics and Molecular Spectroscopy.

The Protein Structure Group provides support for projects from early stage mechanistic and structural

understanding of new protein targets to contributions in confirming hit identification and cycles of design with

CADD and medicinal chemistry groups.

The role is at the Senior Group leader level heading up the Protein Structure group, reporting into the

Head of the Protein Structure and Biophysics department.  This is an excellent opportunity to develop the group,

driving the scientific direction of the team and maximising the impact of structural biology on drug discovery projects.

You will be a high calibre, partly laboratory-based candidate, with extensive experience in protein crystallography,

a detailed knowledge of single particle cryo-EM and knowledge of protein NMR.  A key aspect of the role will be to develop

members of the team, building a culture of openness and integrity and ensuring operational efficiency.


This role will be based in Slough, UK.


Please apply through the link below, which has additional information.



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