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[ccp4bb] Phd and postdoc positions in Structural biology



The Magnus Wolf-Watz lab in Umeå, Sweden has two openings in structural biology:


One PhD position directed at human protein kinases and their linkage to human cancer application deadline May 20


One Postdoc in structural biology of silk and cellulose modifying enzymes, application deadline April 15!


See below and www.biostruct.umu.se for more information

PhD position in biochemistry; structural biology of cancer linked protein kinases

A PhD position in biochemistry is available in the laboratory of Professor Magnus Wolf-Watz at the Department of Chemistry, Umeå University, Sweden. The PhD project is aimed at uncovering novel molecular mechanisms underlying the function of human protein kinases. Focus will be on two specific protein kinases that are intimately linked to a number of disorders in humans including various forms of cancer. The doctoral student will enter a multidisciplinary project that is built on collaborations with both Professor Kwangho Nam at University of Texas Arlington and with Marené Landström (Professor in pathology at Umeå University). The doctoral student will be trained in structural biology, protein production, biochemistry and biophysics and will collaborate with both cell biologists and computational chemists. Structural biology may go in any of the directions; single particle cryo EM, x-ray crystallography or protein NMR spectroscopy depending on the development of the research project and also depending on the interests of the doctoral student. The position is in part funded by the National Institute of Health (NIH).

2-year postdoc fellowship: Green Structural Biology in cellulose and silk biotechnology 

An important aspect of green chemistry and a sustainable and circular economy is to develop environmentally friendly methodology to retrieve valuable chemicals from complex biomaterials. This interdisciplinary project tackles this challenging task by exploring the molecular mechanisms underlying enzymatic processing of recalcitrant natural polymers: cellulose and silk fibers. In the project we focus on two enzymes that bring novel functionality in cellulose and silk bio-processing by softening their structure and paving the way for further biocatalytic transformation of the fibers. 

We are seeking a structural biologist with a strong background in biochemistry and/or protein production with different _expression_ organisms. The structural biology background may be in any of the areas of NMR spectroscopy, single particle cryo EM or x-ray crystallography.   The successful candidate will have the possibility to define and shape the project dependent on background and ambitions and may focus on both enzymes and/or the structures of cellulose and silk-based biomaterials.



Please contact Magnus W-W for further information and guide to the application,




Dr. Magnus Wolf-Watz


Umeå University

Chemistry Department

Integrated Structural Biology (ISB), Twitter @ISB_UmU

Phone:+46 90 786 76 90

Lab Home Page: www.biostruct.umu.se/principal-investigators/magnus-wolf-watz/

Twitter: @watz_wolf



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