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[ccp4bb] PhD position available

Dear all,

There is an opening for a PhD position in my group. The Beck group recently moved to Hamburg, where we have labs well-equipped for chemistry, biochemistry and molecular biology. Moreover, state-of-the-art facilities for structural characterizations such as PETRA III are close by.

The project involves protein redesign, protein chemistry and characterization and more. The post is available immediately / upon arrangement. Full details of the post and the applications process are available here:

The group homepage can be found here:

Deadline for applications is March 15 2020.

Please contact me for further information or informal inquiries: tobias.beck@chemie.uni-hamburg.de

Best, Tobias.

Prof. Dr. Tobias Beck
University of Hamburg
Department of Chemistry
Institute of Physical Chemistry
Grindelallee 117
D-20146 Hamburg

phone:   +49 4042838 8210
fax:       +49 4042838 3462
web:   www.chemie.uni-hamburg.de/institute/pc/arbeitsgruppen/beck/

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