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[ccp4bb] Job opportunities at the University of Dundee - Drug Discovery Unit and Nucleic Acid Structure



There are currently 2 job opportunities available at the University of Dundee in the field of Structural Biology.


1 - Drug Discovery Unit

Protein Crystallographer/ Structural Biologist

A 2 year post for a Structural Biologist to drive a Fragment Based Drug Design project encompassing hit discovery and structure driven hit optimisation against novel anti-infective targets

For further details and applications use the following link


Closing Date October 26th 2019


2 – Nucleic Acid Structure Research Group – Prof D.M..J.Lilley FRS

Crystallographic Study of Nucleic Acids

Postdoctoral research position to carry out crystallographic and cryo-EM studies of nucleic acids in a CRUK-funded research group focussing on DNA (Holliday junction resolution) and RNA (riboswitches and ribozymes)

Contact Prof. David Lilley for details – d.m.j.lilley@dundee.ac.uk







Dr David Robinson
Structural Biologist
Drug Discovery Unit

Division of Biological Chemistry and Drug Discovery
School of Life Sciences
Discovery Centre
University of Dundee

+44 (0)1382 386236


The University of Dundee is a registered Scottish Charity, No: SC015096

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