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[ccp4bb] Bacterial secretion system postdocs: Imperial College, London

Dear all,

A reminder please: there are three post-doctoral positions available focusing on bacterial secretion systems using single particle cryo-EM in the lab of Dr Harry Low at Imperial College, London. 

The research project focuses on determining the molecular mechanism of bacterial secretion systems including the type 2 secretion system and other significant macromolecular membrane complexes. Methodology will include cryo-electron microscopy (EM) and a suite of biophysical, biochemical and cellular assays to determine structure and function. The positions are funded by the Wellcome Trust.

The closing date for applications is fast approaching: 24th June 2019.


Dr. Harry Low
Wellcome Trust Senior Research Fellow
Department of Life Sciences
503 Sir Ernst Chain Building
Imperial College 
London, SW7 2AZ
+44 207 594 3064
Twitter: @thelowlab

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