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[ccp4bb] PhD position in Structural Biology, Kiel University

Dear all,
Please find below the advertisement for a PhD position in our research  group:

PhD Research position in Protein Biochemistry / Structural Biology,
Kiel University, Germany.

A PhD research position is available in the group of Axel Scheidig.

Our research is focused on the biophysical, biochemical and structural
characterizationof proteins involved in biotransformation processes.

Based on our recent publications (Kubitza et al. 2018a, PNAS 115: 11958-
11963; Kubitza et al. (2018b) Acta Crystallogr. F74: 337-344; Kubitza et
al. (2018c) Acta Crystallogr. D74: 422-432) the successful candidate will
investigate enzymes with opposing effects (oxidation vs. reduction) on
nitrogen- and sulfur containing endogenous as well as xenobiotic compounds.

The successful candidate will employ a wide range of biochemical,
biophysical and structural techniques including recombinant protein
_expression_, protein purification, biophysical characterization (protein-
protein interaction and enzyme kinetics) as well as X-ray crystallography.
The aim is to understand the substrate selectivity and inhibition
mechanisms at an atomic level.

The prospective PhD student will have teaching duties in practical courses
of biochemistry and molecular biology and must have good German language

Candidates with a strong interest in structural biology and profound
knowledge molecular biology, protein _expression_ and protein purification
(in theory and with practical experience)are encouraged to apply.
Interested candidates are invited to apply by sending one PDF file to Axel
Scheidig (axel.scheidig@strubio.uni-kiel.de). The PDF file must contain a
one-page letter of motivation, curriculum vitae in tabular form (no more
than 2 pages), Bachelor and Master certificate (including current transcript
of records) as well as contact details of up to 3 reference persons.

The official announcment of the PhD position can be found at:

The deadline for application is July, 1st 2019.

With best regards,
Prof. Dr. Axel J. Scheidig
Zoologisches Institut - Strukturbiologie
Zentrum fuer Biochemie und Molekularbiologie
Am Botanischen Garten 1-9
24118 Kiel

Tel: #49 431 880 4286 (office)
Tel: #49 431 880 4353 (secretary)
FAX: #49 431 880 4929
eMail: axel.scheidig@strubio.uni-kiel.de
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