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[ccp4bb] On behalf Abbas Ourmazd: Machine-learning Opportunities

Abbas Ourmazed has developed interesting data analysis approaches to XFEL and Cryo-EM data they apply simmilar strategies to other typs of data.

Machine-learning Opportunities at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee

The Data Science/Machine Learning group in the Department of Physics plans to hire up to three postdoctoral associates in applications of machine learning to physics and biology.

We seek outstanding candidates to pioneer the development and application of advanced machine learning techniques to key problems at the forefront of science. While familiarity with machine learning would be an advantage, exceptional candidates will receive serious consideration regardless of background.

Please send applications (cover letter, resume & publications list) to Prof. Abbas Ourmazd [Ourmazd@uwm.edu].

Prof. Gebhard F.X. Schertler
Structural Biology ETH Zürih D-BIOL

Head of Biology and Chemistry
Paul Scherrer Institut
Laboratory of Biomolecular Research, 
OFLC 109
CH-5232 Villigen PSI
phone +41 56 310 4265

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