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[ccp4bb] Open position structural biology at University of Milan

here to advertise two postdoc positions in my lab at the Department of Biosciences, University of Milan, Italy.
The scientific project will deal on structural biology (Cryo-EM and crystallography) and biophysics of protein aggregation and amyloid fibril formation.
Specifically the projects will concentrate on two severe human pathologies: AL amyloidosis (a severe cardiac disorder) and on ALS (neurodegeneration).
Both projects will require a solid background in any of these disciplines: protein biochemistry, structural biology (crystallography or CryoEM), protein biophysics.
Specifically in both projects structural and biophysical characterisation of amyloidogenic proteins at the native state will be coupled with the inspection of the fibrillar assembly formed under pathologic conditions.
Selection will take place in the coming 2-3 months and contracts will start during summer (July - September).
Personal emails: stefano.ricagno@unimi.it, ciciulus@hotmail.com
Structural biology Unit: https://users.unimi.it/biolstru/index.html

Here the most recent literature from my lab:
- Swuec et al Cryo-EM structure of cardiac amyloid fibrils from an immunoglobulin light chain AL amyloidosis patient. Nat Comm 2019
- Visconti et al Investigating the Molecular Basis of the Aggregation Propensity of the Pathological D76N Mutant of Beta-2 Microglobulin: Role of the Denatured State. IJMS 2019
- Le Marchand et al Conformational dynamics in crystals reveal the molecular bases for D76N beta-2 microglobulin aggregation propensity. Nat Comm 2018
- Oberti et al Concurrent structural and biophysical traits link with immunoglobulin light chains amyloid propensity. SciRep 2017

Best regards

Stefano Ricagno, PhD
Associate Professor
Dept. of Biosciences
University of Milano
Via Celoria, 26. I-20133 Milano (Italy)
Tel. +39 02 5031 4914

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