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[ccp4bb] Open positions at MFPL Vienna - Technician, PhD student and summer intern

Open positions at MFPL Vienna

I am currently recruiting a technician, a PhD student (via the MFPL PhD Program) and a summer student (via the Vienna BioCenter summer school). 

For more information about my group:

Please follow the links below for the indiviual positions:


PhD position (Deadline of MFPL Spring Selection: March 3rd, 2019):

Summer school (Deadline January 31st, 2019):

Our group is interested in unraveling the molecular mechanisms that allow the establishment of a robust RNA interference (RNAi) response in which small RNAs are used to silence the _expression_ of genes. We are particularly interested in understanding how the nuclear RNAi pathway leads to heterochromatin formation. We will address these questions by reconstituting and characterizing the protein complexes involved in these pathways both biochemically and structurally. For the structural characterization, we employ an integrative approach by combining X-ray crystallography and single-particle electron microscopy. This will be complemented by biochemical approaches (enzyme activity assays) and biophysical assays (isothermal titration calorimetry, analytical ultracentrifugation, and spectroscopic methods).

Sebastian Falk

Department of Structural and Computational Biology
Max F. Perutz Laboratories
University of Vienna
Vienna Biocenter (VBC), Campus Vienna Biocenter 5
A-1030 Vienna

e-mail: sebastian.falk@univie.ac.at
Phone: +43-1-4277-52201 (secretary)

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