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[ccp4bb] Neutrons in the Environment and Life Sciences Workshop - HANDS 2020

First announcement


HANDS 2020

HFIR/SNS Advanced Neutron Diffraction and Scattering Workshop

Oak Ridge, TN. June 1 – June 5, 2020


Oak Ridge National Laboratory, in conjunction with North Carolina State University, and support from the National Science Foundation and the Shull Wollan Center — a Joint Institute for Neutron Scattering, celebrates a decade of neutron scattering education in structural biology at ORNL with the HFIR/SNS Advanced Neutron Diffraction and Scattering workshop (HANDS 2020).


Detailed information can be found on the workshop web page: https://conference.sns.gov/event/217/.

Application deadline: April 24, 2020

Fellowships to support travel and accommodation are available (subject to availability of funds)


The workshop aims at enabling structural biologists to fully exploit the latest instrumentation and software development at the SNS and HFIR facilities at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Participants of HANDS 2020 will become familiar with neutron techniques with hands-on experiments in sample preparation, crystallography, small angle scattering, reflectometry and neutron spin echo. The workshop is designed for graduate students, post-doctoral fellows and faculty with limited to no experience with neutron sciences.


Flora Meilleur, Ph. D

Neutron Scattering Scientist, Neutron Scattering Division

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Associate Professor, Molecular and Structural Biochemistry

North Carolina State University


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