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[ccp4bb] A symposium on Integrated Applications of Structural Biology (May 1-2, 2020)

In celebration of its 20 year anniversary, the Vanderbilt University Center for Structural Biology in Nashville is holding a special Symposium entitled "Integrated Applications of Structural Biology”.  See our website https://www.vanderbilt.edu/csb/iasb/ for registration and more information.

Walter Chazin

Walter J Chazin, Ph.D.
Chancellor's Chair in Medicine
Departments of Biochemistry and Chemistry
Director, Center for Structural Biology
Vanderbilt University
PMB 407917
465 21st Avenue, Suite 5140
Nashville, TN 37240-7917
Tel: (615) 936-2210; FAX: (615) 936-2211
Website: http://structbio.vanderbilt.edu/chazin/

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