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[ccp4bb] Postdoctoral opportunities, Cryo-EM: Structural analysis of alloantibody-HLA complexes.

Postdoctoral opportunities: Structural analysis of alloantibody-HLA complexes by Cryo-EM.

This is part of a multidisciplinary, collaborative project between the Marquez (EMBL Grenoble), Leach (EMBL EBI) and Kosmoliaptsis (Cambridge University) laboratories.  The project aim is to understand molecular and structural basis of specific alloantibody-HLA interactions and their impact on organ transplant rejection. We employ biochemical, biophysical, structural and computational techniques to study specific alloantibody-HLA interactions that mediate different effector functions. This research project is directly motivated from real clinical problems and benefits from direct access to a clinical context (Kosmoliaptsis lab)

We are looking for intrinsically motivated, hypothesis-driven individuals with a PhD in relevant fields and significant experience in structural biology. Experience in single particle analysis by Cryo-EM will be he highly appreciated. The candidate will be based in Grenoble and travel to the UK for short time periods.

If you are interested please contact us

marquez@embl.fr, arl@ebi.ac.uk , vk256@cam.ac.uk

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