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[ccp4bb] PLEASE POST: Postdoctoral Position at Harvard Medical School

Dear Sir/Madam:  

Can you please post the following Postdoc Job Ad to ccp4bb?  Thank you!


A postdoctoral position is available immediately in the laboratory of James Chou at Harvard University Medical School.

The research project investigates an emerging concept in receptor biology that the transmembrane anchors of many immune receptors play a much more active role in receptor clustering and activation then previously appreciated.  The goal is to use NMR to reveal the membrane-interacting regions of single-pass transmembrane receptors at atomic resolution, and in combination with other biochemical and cell biological assays, to gain deeper understanding of receptor preligand autoinhibition and ligand-induced activation for many of the immune receptors currently being targeted for cancer immunotherapy and autoimmune treatment. For general information of our lab, please visit https://chou.hms.harvard.edu/. 

The applicant must have a PhD and solid training in protein biochemistry, structural biology, or cell biology. Interested applicants should directly contact James Chou at james_chou@hms.harvard.edu.

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