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[ccp4bb] Structural Biology-researcher position available

Dear All,

posted on behalf of Dr. Marcin Nowotny, IIMCB

Laboratory of Protein Structure at the International Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology in Warsaw (http://bit.ly/nowotny-lab) seeks a researcher (full time position) to work in a large multinational consortium project that aims at the development of antiviral substances for treatment of COVID-19. The position is available in frame of EXSCALATE4CoV project funded by the European Commission (www.iimcb.gov.pl/en/press-office/news/news/1112-developing-sars-cov-2-antiviral-drugs). The person in this position will be responsible for the determination of crystal and cryo-EM structures of viral protein in complex with inhibitors (potential antiviral drugs).

More details can be found here:


Best wishes,

Elzbieta Nowak Ph.D.



Laboratory of Protein Structure

International Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology

4 Ks. Trojdena Street,

02-109 Warsaw, Poland

Telephone: (+48 22) 597 07 21

Fax: (+48 22) 597 07 15


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