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Re: [ccp4bb] Research Group Leaders at HT Milan

Dear all,

We have just discovered a bug that prevented applications that were submitted through Safari to be stored. Please use Chrome or Firefox, while the problem will be investigated, and please make sure you receive a confirmatory email.

Or maybe it’s just a trick to check if you really want to join us and have the persistence to do so!

Best regards,
Alessandro Vannini

On 21 Apr 2020, at 13:09, alex van <alexvannini75@gmail.com> wrote:

Dear all,
I am writing this email to bring to your attention several openings as Research Group Leader at Human Technopole Structural Biology Research Centre in Milan. 
Human Technopole (HT) is a research organisation based in Milan (Italy) with a focus on human biology in health and disease. HT is an independent foundation created and supported by the Italian government that consists of several Research Centres. The Centres will work together to enable collaborative, interdisciplinary research and to create an open, collaborative environment that will help promote life science research both nationally and internationally. 
We are seeking talented early career researchers to establish their independent laboratory at the HT Research Centre for Structural Biology. The Research Group Leaders will be responsible for developing an independent scientific programme within the Centre, as well as contributing to the collegial development of the HT research programme. They will be active researchers carrying out high-quality, internationally competitive research and contributors to the international scientific community. The HT Research Centre for Structural Biology will offer an outstanding infrastructure for carrying out modern cryo-EM workflows, including SPA, cryo-FIB-SEM, CLEM and cryo- and room temperature-tomography.  The Facility will be equipped, by December 2020/January 2021, with two 300kV TEMs (TFS Titan Krios G4 + Falcon 4 + Gatan K3 + Gatan BioQuantum EF + VPP, and a 300 kV TFS Spectra dedicated to room temperature electron tomography), 200kV TEM (TFS Glacios + Falcon 4 + VPP), 120kV TEM (TFS Talos L120C), a DualBeam cryo-FIB system (TFS Aquilos), and at least one fluorescence microscope with a cryo-stage for CLEM applications.
Ancillary equipment includes plunge freezing devices, glow discharger units, plasma cleaner, carbon coating system, and other sample preparation tools for high-pressure freezing, freeze substitution and ultramicrotomy of resin embedded and vitrified samples.
Additionally, state-of-the art equipment for biochemical and biophysical characterization of macromolecular complexes will be available, as well as a large-scale cell culture facility, including large fermenters for microorganisms and bioreactors for mammalian cells. In the spirit of the HT, the Group Leaders will have access to additional facilities, such as the Light Microscopy Facility, that are formally associated to the other HT Centres. Newly appointed Group Leaders will be offered a generous start-up package and core funding. A strategic priority is represented by individuals with experience and an active research program employing cryo-FIB-SEM approaches.  
Key tasks and responsibilities 
The Research Group Leader will: 
  • Develop and supervise the establishment of a world-class research programme in structural cell biology 
  • lead their own research group 
  • foster a diverse and nurturing research environment through leading and mentoring members of their teams 
  • build effective links and collaborations within other HT research investigators,  
  • develop and foster links between HT and other national and international research organizations 
  • contribute to the preparation of Centre reports to be reviewed by an external expert board 
  • actively participate in initiatives that pursue improvement of all aspects of HT 
  • actively participate in the co-organization and implementation of activities that will promote the image of HT in the international structural biology community, such as symposia and workshops 
  • contribute to the establishment of a collaborative and open scientific environment by actively participating in meetings and seminar series internal to HT. This will foster synergies between the groups and propagation of knowledge  
  • raise third-party funding  
  • participate and helping to designing HT Core Facilities 
Key requirements 
The selected candidates will have an outstanding record in Structural Biology, in particular in cryo-electron microscopy workflows, and an interest, that can be non-exclusive, in the analysis of human systems and diseases. The Centre for Structural Biology will work closely with other HT Research Centres to achieve synergies and reach joint goals. The selected candidates will possess scientific vision, leadership skills and be competitive in acquiring extramural grants. Basic requirements for the position include a PhD in a relevant science subject, and a proven record of scientific research output in the field of structural biology. Excellent organisational skills and a fluent command of English are essential. 
Application Instructions 
Please apply online at Careers@HumanTechnopole , sending a CV, a motivation letter, a project description and providing contacts for four potential referees. 
The project description should be a maximum of 8 pages long and include both a short description of current and future research in the group in the context of HT. 
Questions concerning the role and any queries regarding the terms and conditions should be sent to the Head of the HT Structural Biology Research Centre, Alessandro Vannini at alessandro.vannini [at] fht.org.   
Additional Information 
The  Research Group Leader swill be based in Milan, recently named the city with the best quality of life in Italy.  
HT offers a highly collaborative, international and diverse work environment. The working language is English. HT will foster top quality, interdisciplinary research by promoting a vibrant environment consisting of independent research groups attracting outstanding graduate students and postdoctoral fellows with access to cutting-edge Core Facilities.  
HT is an inclusive, equal opportunity employer offering attractive conditions and benefits appropriate to a leading, internationally competitive research organization. Researchers coming to Italy for the first time, or returning after residing abroad, benefit from very attractive income tax benefits. HT seeks to promote a collegial and family-friendly atmosphere. The remuneration package comprises a competitive salary, a comprehensive pension scheme, medical and other social benefits, as well as financial support for relocation and installation, including the family. 
This is a link to the project of the building that will host the labs: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SYuYKMCkhzM&t=3s
Best wishes,
Alessandro Vannini
PS. Please, do not reply to this email address (which is basically unsupervised) but to the one indicated in the body of the email if you need further info.

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