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[ccp4bb] Postdoc position: organic chemistry/time-resolved crystallography

Dear all,

We have an open Postdoctoral Researcher position at the Hauptman-Woodward Institute (hwi.buffalo.edu, Buffalo, NY) in synthetic organic chemistry to work on photocaged ligands for time-resolved crystallography experiments on GPCRs. The project is a collaboration with Arizona State University and part of the BioXFEL center. The full advert can be found here: https://www.bioxfel.org/news/396-postdoctoral-research-scientist-position and here: https://www.indeed.com/jobs?q=hauptman%20woodward&fromage=last&sort=date&vjk=d8c46ecceeb68085

Best wishes,

Dr Diana C. F. Monteiro
Postdoctoral Research Associate
Hauptman-Woodward Medical Research Institute
700 Ellicott Street, Buffalo, NY   14203

Tel. +1 716 898 8612

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