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[ccp4bb] Marie Curie fellowships hosted at the Arctic University of Norway

Dear crystallographers et al,

UiT the Arctic University of Norway sponsors applicants for Marie Skƚodowska-Curie individual fellowships hosted in Tromsø, Norway, including the Norwegian Structural Biology Center. Applicants chosen for sponsorship will be invited to an application writing seminar in May, please see information at this address:

Applicants need not be specialists in crystallography to apply, but must show how a two-year postdoctoral research program in structural biology and structure based drug design will expand their skills and further their careers. For initial selection, the candidate must show a strong CV and sketch a brief and relevant research plan.

NOTE: The deadline for the initial phase of this process is very soon:  Friday, 7. February!

Thank you CCP4BB readers for passing this information on to potentially interested PhD scientists.

Rick Engh

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