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[ccp4bb] 2 Postdoc positions available

On behalf of Huib Ovaa (H.Ovaa@lumc.nl):

We are looking for postdoc candidates with a background in protein chemistry/ structural biology.

There are two projects: One project on MHC-T-cell interactions, and diagnostics/ immunotherapy using novel sets of protein reagents that we are developing.

The other project is on making Ub system probe molecules for various targets, requiring assay development, structures in a collaborative project with the screening and medicinal chemistry teams in the Ovaa lab (http://www.ovaalab.nl)

The candidates should have a strong background in _expression_ and purification of proteins and structural biology / X-ray crystallography.

Please direct applications to Huib Ovaa:

Prof. Dr. Huib Ovaa group leader chemical biology and small molecular screening Oncode Institute & Leiden University Medical Center (LUMC) Department of Cell and Chemical Biology location T02.03

Einthovenweg 20 2333 ZC Leiden, the Netherlands email: h.ovaa@lumc.nl phone +31 71 5268721 website lab http://www.ovaalab.nl website department https://ccb.lumc.nl/

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