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[ccp4bb] EU granted phD thesis including a project on membrane contact site and cryo-ET//deadline January 21th/Institut Curie

Dear all,

I would like to bring to your attention and to your students the EuReCa (Europe Research & Care) Institut Curie's international PhD Program


There are 8 PhD projects funded in 2020


Our team proposes a  PhD thesis on the determination of the 3D architecture of proteins implicated in the formation of membrane contact site reconstituted in vitro by cryo-electron tomography.


The eligibility conditions are strict (less than 12 months in France during the last 36 months). The deadline for submitting the application on the website is January 21th 2020. 

do not hesitate to circulate this announcement to potential candidates.


Best wishes


PS: do not contact me but register on the website



Daniel Levy

Team Molecular Microscopy of Membrane

UMR 168 Institut curie, France


phone 33 156246782



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