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[ccp4bb] Open scientist position at the EMBL-Grenoble - Project leader for ID30A/MASSIF-1 beamline upgrade

Dear all,

We have an open scientist position at the EMBL-Grenoble for a Project leader to oversee our contribution to the upgrade of the fully automated ID30A/MASSIF-1 macromolecular crystallography beamline at the ESRF. This is an exciting opportunity for an ambitous individual to join a team of scientists and engineers from the EMBL and ESRF in developing fully automated data collection protocols to maximise the scientidic potential of the ESRF Extremely Brilliant Source upgrade.

Closing date: Feb. 7th 2020.

Interview date: March 6th, 2020

You can read more about the position and submit your application at:


Best regards,


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