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[ccp4bb] Postdoc opportunity at Newcastle, UK

Dear all,

We are currently recruiting for a structural biologist to join our drug-discovery team working at the Translational and Clinical Research Institute,  Faculty of Medical Sciences, Newcastle.

There is a deadline of 5 January 2020 for a post currently advertised at


We work alongside the groups led by Martin Nobel and Jane Endicott who are discovering next generation small molecular therapies for cancer. We use essentially similar strategies to discover novel antibiotics. Multidisciplinary teams bring together scientists from chemistry, microbiology and structure/biophysics in enjoyable and productive collaborations. As a PDRA here you will be involved in producing proteins, building assays, and solving structures, and have opportunities to play a full role in the design process for iterative medicinal chemistry.

This strategy has been successful at Newcastle. The groups here have played important roles in delivering two drugs to the clinic in the last two years.  We are optimistic that we will also be successful in antibiotic discovery as the clinical need is urgent and substantial for these new therapies. We are looking for scientists who share our enthusiasm for making cutting edge structural and biophysical work really count.

Applications should be made through the university website, or I can be approached informally to learn more.

With thanks and best wishes,


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