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[ccp4bb] Job Opening: Group Leader of Structural Biology in Viva Biotech

Dear colleagues, Viva biotech is a leading CRO organization established in 2008 and located in Shanghai, China. As a customer-focused company with industry-leading capabilities, Viva provides structure-based drug discovery, biologics, and medicinal chemistry services to global pharmaceutical and biotech companies for their pre-clinical stage innovative drug development. Viva biotech is in a rapid expansion mode since its successful IPO in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange on May 9th, 2019. We now have openings for group leaders in structural biology and biochemistry. Anyone who is interested in the position, please send CV to hr@vivabiotech.com Job title: Group Leader in Structural Biology Job Description: We are seeking a highly motivated scientist to join our biology department as a protein group leader. Candidate will lead the structural biology team to carry out the biochemistry studies and gene-to-structure studies that elucidate the interactions between small molecules/peptides and their targets. The ideal candidate for this position must have the ability to handle multiple projects simultaneously in a fast-paced, dynamic and highly multi-tasking environment. Responsibility: 1. Manage multiple projects simultaneously and lead a group of scientists to achieve clients’ goals successfully. 2. Conceive, plan, design and implement a highly efficient project proposal and workflow to deliver fast turn-around results at client requested quality. 3. Demonstrate strong customer and service focus. Effectively collaborate with colleagues from different departments, collaborators and external clients or partners by active daily communication, telecom conference, etc. 4. Prepare and deliver presentations of project results to clients timely. 5. Provide scientifically sound guidance, resolve and promptly response to any issues, problems or challenges which may arise. 6. Identify and implement improvements to work processes. Qualifications: 1. The candidate should have a Ph.D. in Genetics, Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, Cell Biology or related field. 2. A minimum of 2 years of industry or academic relevant research experience is preferred. However, an outstanding Ph.D. graduate would be considered as well. 3. Have a proven track record in scientific achievement, including structural biology, illustrated in a list of publications. 4. Excellent organizational and communication skills are essential. 5. Working experience and/or in-depth knowledge in every step of protein crystallography which includes, but not limits to, bioinformatics, construct design, cloning, protein _expression_, purification, crystallization, X-ray data collection and processing, structure determination, modeling, and interpretation as well as common biophysical assay techniques, such as TSA, ITC, SPR, etc. 6. Strong written and verbal communication skills in both English and Chinese are mandatory. 7. Expertise in protein crystallization and crystal handing. 8. Experience with membrane protein production and crystallization is a plus. 9. Extensive data collection experiences at synchrotron. Able to lead a group of scientists to conduct data collection independently at synchrotron would be desired. 10. Proficient in structure biology related software, such as XDS and CCP4 is essential. 11. Demonstrated success in solving protein structures using MR method and experimental phasing. Working experience with SeMet-protein crystallization and structure determination with MAD or SAD method would be a plus. 12. The ability to analyze crystal structure, interpret, summarize, and present scientific results in a clear, concise, accurate manner to both clients and team members. 13. Experience in industry and/or with structure-based drug design is a plus. 14. Familiar with Linux system and working knowledge of system maintenance. A certain level of programming ability to increase work efficiency would be a big plus. 15. Demonstrated leadership in project management, experience with training junior would be a plus.

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