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[ccp4bb] Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Protein Crystallography - Nottingham


Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Protein Crystallography



A postdoctoral scientist is required to join a well-established MRC funded research group studying bacterial quorum sensing proteins. The project will explore the structure and biochemistry of the Agr system in a collaboration between the groups of Jonas Emsley and Paul Williams (microbiology). In Staph. aureus, the agr quorum sensing system regulates virulence, intracellular survival and biofilm development and is conserved in other staphylococcal species as well Listeria, Enterococcus and Clostridium. For each of these pathogens, the key agr components are an autoinducing peptide (AIP) signal molecule and a two component sensor regulator system. AIPs generated from an AgrD pro-peptide via AgrB are exported and subsequently sensed via a sensor kinase (AgrC) on neighbouring cells and regulator AgrA. The purpose of the role is to determine the crystal structures from the Agr system. State-of-the-art facilities in the crystallography lab includes nanolitre dispensing crystallisation robotics, crystal imaging system and a modern high flux rotating anode X-ray data collection system and Diamond synchrotron access. These labs are housed in the Centre for Biomolecular Sciences located on the University of Nottingham main campus. The Centre for Biomolecular Sciences is a vibrant interdisciplinary research environment with many biophysical, imaging and computing resources available for collaborative research.


Candidates must have a PhD in protein crystallography and experience in X-ray crystallography. Experience in molecular biology, soluble protein and membrane protein _expression_ and purification/crystallisation is highly desirable. 


Salary will depend on qualifications and experience.  This post is available Jan 2020 and will be offered on a fixed-term contract for a period of 1 year.

Informal enquiries may be addressed to Dr J Emsley Email: Jonas.Emsley@Nottingham.ac.uk.



Job Ref : SCI436919

Job Title : Research Associate/Fellow in Protein Crystallography (fixed term 12 months)

Dr Jonas Emsley
Professor of Macromolecular Crystallography,
Centre for Biomolecular Sciences,
School of Pharmacy,
University of Nottingham,
University Park,
Tel: +44 1158467092
Fax: +44 1158468002

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