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[ccp4bb] Post-doc fellowships

Dear all,


Three 2 years post-doctoral fellowships funded by the Swedish Cancer Society is available in the group of Erik Johansson at Umeå University, Sweden. The focus of our research group has been to bring light to how DNA Polymerase epsilon participates in DNA replication, contributes to the high fidelity of DNA replication, and is involved in DNA repair. The lab uses structural biology, biochemistry and yeast genetics to elucidate the role and function of DNA polymerase epsilon. For more information please visit the web-page: https://www.biostruct.umu.se/principal-investigators/erik-johansson/


There are currently three different projects available in the lab.


  1. The reconstituted eukaryotic DNA replication system was recently set up in the research group. In this system the candidate will study the events that occur when the replication fork meets a single-strand break, considered to be the most common lesion in the cell. The studies will involve structural studies, biochemical assays where purified proteins are added, and yeast genetics.
  2. With the already mentioned reconstituted DNA replication system the fidelity of DNA replication will be studied in the context of the entire replication fork. Earlier studies have been limited to DNA polymerases filling a single-stranded gap or extending a primer.
  3. Recently the research group solved a structure of DNA polymerase epsilon harboring an Fe-S cluster in the catalytic domain (Nucleic Acids Res. 2019 47:5712-5722). However, the function of the Fe-S cluster is still elusive. This project is aimed to shed light on the function of the Fe-S cluster in DNA polymerase epsilon and whether it has a role during leading strand synthesis or DNA repair.


For further information and instructions for how to apply, please visit the following web-page:  https://www.umu.se/en/research/groups/erik-johansson/open-positions_group-erik-johansson/


Best Regards,

Erik Johansson

Professor in Medical Biochemistry

Umeå University

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