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[ccp4bb] PhD student position in structural virology

Dear CCP4 Community,
We are looking for an enthusiastic, self driven PhD students to join a young and vibrant research team that its main interests are the molecular mechanisms underly enveloped virus assembly, entry and evasion.
We use mainly X-ray crystallography, protein biochemistry and proteins biophysics to decipher the mechanisms of various viral machineries at the atomic resolution and thus to establish the molecular basis for developing new antiviral treatment strategies. Candidates should have practical experience in molecular cloning/sub-cloning, cell culture maintenance, protein _expression_ (bacterial and/or eukaryotic systems) and protein biochemistry (purification, characterisation, etc.).
Our lab is fully equipped for all DNA/RNA/protein work including our out X-ray diffractometer with Dectris’ PILATUS detector. Our Interdisciplinary equipment unit include various proteomic (MALDI-TOF MS, HPLC, Bio-layer interferometry, Microscale thermophoresis and  Fluorescence polarisation) and cutting-edge microscopy capabilities (cone-focal, multi-photon, super resolution STED, laser micro dissection and Scanning electron-microscopy)
Our newly established (8 years old) and expending faculty (part of Bar Ilan University, Israel) is located in the beautiful hills of the Galilee with great academic and working atmosphere.
If you’d like to join our team, please contact: moshe.dessau@biu.ac.il
Best regards,
Moshe Dessau, Ph.D.            Tel: +972-72-264-4905         
Head, The laboratory of Structural Biology of Infectious Diseases
The Azrieli Faculty of Medicine
Bar-Ilan University
8 Henrietta Szold St.
Safed, 1311502
E-mail:    moshe.dessau@biu.ac.il
Website: http://www.dessaulab.com
Skype: dessaumo

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