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[ccp4bb] PhD Position at University of Delaware

PhD Position at University of Delaware


Parashar laboratory at University of Delaware College of Health Sciences, is currently seeking a MS /PhD student to perform structure-function studies of proteins regulating bacterial signaling. 

MS or PhD student will research the role of proteins that regulate bacterial signal transduction using structural, biochemical, and molecular biology techniques. Training in X-ray crystallography will be provided and all projects have the potential for training in cryo-EM.


·      Applicants should possess or be near completion of a Bachelor’s degree in the life sciences or a related discipline, and be interested in both biochemistry and microbiology. 

·      Experience in molecular biology as well as protein _expression_ and purification is desired but not required.


Other skills

·      Good English language skills. GRE is required. TOEFL is needed for international students.

·      Ability to work in a team. 

·      Willingness to learn. 

·      Good organizational skills are required.


University of Delaware is well equipped with state-of-the-art equipment for molecular biology, protein purification, and crystallography, including crystallization robot, crystal imaging system, and X-ray generator. Please visit Parashar Laboratory website for more information. For consideration, please send your CV, list of 2-3 references and one-page summary of motivation for pursing graduate studies to parashar@udel.edu with subject line “PhD application"

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