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[ccp4bb] Job opening: Scientist-I (Structural Biology) at Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research

Hello everyone,

The Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research is looking for a Scientist with experience in protein chemistry and structural biology. The candidate will join the structural biology group within the NCI RAS Initiative program and work on the protein-small molecule complexes.

For detailed information and to apply for this position, please use this link:

Best regards
Dhirendra Simanshu


Dhirendra Simanshu

Principal Scientist, Team Lead - RAS Structural Biology

NCI RAS Initiative

Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research

Leidos Biomedical Research, Inc.

Office/Courier: 8560 Progress Drive, C1012, Frederick, MD 21701

USPS mail: Post Office Box B, ATRF-C1012, Frederick, MD 21702



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