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[ccp4bb] Assistant Professor Position at UC Davis

Dear Colleagues,

I wanted to bring this great opportunity to join us at UC Davis as an Assistant Professor to the communities attention (https://recruit.ucdavis.edu/JPF03095):

The Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology, in the College of Biological Sciences, University of California, Davis, invites applications for a tenure-track faculty position at the ASSISTANT PROFESSOR level. The Department seeks outstanding candidates investigating fundamental questions in modern biology that will add to or complement existing strengths in structural biology and biochemistry.

Competitive applicants must have a Ph.D. (or equivalent) in biological sciences-related fields and have demonstrated outstanding potential in their field. Candidates will be expected to develop a strong dynamic independent research program and to share our commitment to scholarly undergraduate and graduate education. We are especially interested in candidates who demonstrate an ability to integrate multi-disciplinary approaches into their proposed research, including cryo-electron microscopy.

The BIOEM facility at UC Davis contains a new Thermo Scientific 200 kV Glacios electron microscope with GATAN K3 detector and autoloader. As well as a JEOL JEM-1230 electron microscope used for sample optimization via negative stain and a JEOL JEM-2100F electron microscope with Direct Electron (DE)-20 detector for cryoEM grid screening and optimization. The facility also contains an EMS 100X glow discharger, FEI Vitrobot Mach III and Bench Top Turbo III carbon coater for cryoEM grid preparation. The facility manager Dr. Fei Guo has extensive experience with grid optimization and high-resolution data collection for single-particle cryoEM structure determination. In addition to the necessary computational resources for operating the microscopes the facility contains, two dual-GPU, 12-cpu computers and two Quad-GPU 24-cpu computers for on-the-fly and routine data processing, as well as a 130 TB storage array. Additionally, Computer Science and Engineering at UC Davis manages a high-performance computing cluster (named crick) for the Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology. As a member of the Molecular and Cellular Biology department your lab would have full access to these computational resources. Crick is composed of 29 nodes:  one head node, 12 nodes with 24 CPUs and 64 GB RAM each, four nodes with 32 CPUs and 64 GB of RAM each, two ‘bigmem’ nodes with 64 CPUs and 512 GB of RAM each and three GPU nodes operated by the Al-Bassam lab with 40 CPUs, 8 GPUs and 288 GB of RAM each. 

We are a 90-minute drive from the Bay Area (depending on traffic 😊), which is home to many world-class research institutions and cryoEM resources. As members of the Bay Area Cryo-EM (BACEM) consortium we have regular monthly access to Titan Krios microscopes at UCSF and regular bi-annual meetings with other cryo-EM groups from Stanford, UC SF, UC Berkeley and industry. UC Davis also has easy access to two national cryo-EM centers: The National Center for Macromolecular Imaging (NCMI) at the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory and the Pacific Northwest Center for Cryo-EM (PNCC) at Oregon Health Sciences University. These NIH-supported centers provide access to state of the art cryo-EM sample preparation equipment and microscopes.

I joined the department less than one year ago (November 2018) to set up my research program in Structural Biology and Biochemistry and it has been a really great experience. Everyone here is extremely supportive and are eager to invest in biochemistry and cryo-EM. We have fantastic undergrads, graduate students, facilities people and academic support. Although I am originally from North American (Canada), I came to Davis via Europe (IST Austria) and got great support throughout the whole process: relocation, visa application, permanent residency, home buying etc. So don’t hesitate to apply from anywhere in the world!

Overall it is a great place to live and set up your independent research program. Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions!

All the best,




James A Letts, PhD
Assistant Professor

Briggs Hall, Rm 25


Laboratory of Electron Transport Membrane Proteins and Structural Bioenergetics

Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology

University of California, Davis

Davis, CA 95616




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