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[ccp4bb] Position: Senior Research Computing Scientist at Harvard Medical School

Position Title:  Senior Research Computing Scientist

The structural biology Advanced Research Computing (ARC) team at SBGrid/Harvard Medical School has a position opening for a Senior Research Computing Scientist. The ARC team designs, implements, and maintains a specialized computing infrastructure to support all phases of macromolecular structure determination via CryoEM, X-ray Crystallography, and NMR. The infrastructure includes storage to support data acquisition as well as Linux workstations and OSX research desktops for data processing. We also support computational clusters and specialized research instrumentation computers. The ARC team works in close collaboration with the SBGrid Consortium staff who curate and maintain a library of approximately 400 structural biology software titles. 

Job description: As a member of the ARC team, the Senior Research Computing Scientist will provide computing support to structural biologists at Harvard University, Harvard Medical School, and affiliated institutions. The supported groups include the laboratories of Stephen Harrison, Tim Springer, Hao Wu, Mike Eck, Eric Fischer, Stephen Blacklow, Andrew Kruse, Suzanne Walker, James Chou, and Tom Rapoport. You will work as a member of a multidisciplinary research and computing team that integrates ARC, SBGrid Software Consortium, research laboratories, CryoEM Center, and teaching initiatives. Your daily responsibilities will include managing our HPC systems, administration of Linux and OSX workstations, and administration of various computing services (e.g. storage, authentication, cluster/grid job submission, backups). Additional responsibilities will include supporting determination of macromolecular structures with CryoEM, X-ray Crystallography and NMR techniques.

Basic qualification: PhD in Structural Biology; or equivalent combination of education plus relevant research experience. 5-7 years of structural biology research computing support.

Additional qualifications: Requires an understanding of python or other programming languages. A strong knowledge of Linux and OSX operating systems is essential. 

The successful candidate will have excellent organizational skills and a particular ability to work independently and prioritize work in an environment of multiple and conflicting interests; proven project and/or program management skills; excellent interpersonal and communications skills; and an ability to work with discretion. For more information please contact apply@sbgrid.org.


Michelle Ottaviano
Assistant Director of Operations
SBGrid | Harvard Medical School
250 Longwood Ave, SGM114, Boston, MA  02115
Contact:  617.431.6514 ottaviano@hkl.hms.harvard.edu 

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