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[ccp4bb] Postdoc position at IIMCB Warsaw - Structural Biology RNA and RNPs

Dear all, 

We have an open position for a Postdoctoral Researcher in experimental structure determination of large RNAs and RNP at the Laboratory of Bioinformatics and Protein Engineering, International Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology in Warsaw.

As a postdoctoral researcher, you will be involved in interdisciplinary experimental structural biology analyses. This position is ideal for you if you have solid experience (documented in publications) in at least one of the following techniques: 1) X-ray crystallography, 2) SAXS 3) cryo-EM, 4) AFM, and if you wish to learn how to integrate different structural biology techniques, including computational modeling methods. You are expected to have a strong publication record, which includes at least one first-author publication in an international peer-reviewed journal. You are expected to take a lead and apply for fellowship/grant funding within the first year of your employment, with a project that combines the initial research area (structural analyses of large RNAs) with your own ideas. We are particularly interested in candidates interested in the gradual development towards scientific independence (next stage: junior group leader elsewhere) or growing towards a position of a senior scientist within our organization (long-term cooperation, involvement in multiple projects, supervision of junior scientists).

For more details visit https://www.iimcb.gov.pl/…/265-postdoctoral-researcher-posi… and for more details on our lab visit http://genesilico.pl/
For more details on institute visit www.iimcb.gov.pl

The application deadline is 14th September 2019.

PS: The institute has an excellent HR department with dedicated people to help with VISA applications, finding accommodation and handling all the paperwork associated with settling down in Poland.

Best wishes,


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