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[ccp4bb] PhD fellowship application, Mito- and Pathogenic Proteins

Dear all, 

Next September 2019 there will be the opening of a call for 4-years PhD fellowships ‘FPI’ from the Spanish Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities. We are looking for highly motivated candidates to apply for this fellowship. The goal of our group is to understand the structural basis of disorders associated with alterations of mitochondrial DNA regulatory proteins. Likewise, we are interested in proteins essential for pathogen viability and virulence. Understanding the molecular basis of diseases is a preliminary stage for target-based rational drug design aimed at therapy and cure. In the lab, we produce the proteins of interest and analyze them by X-ray crystallography. If necessary, we include additional techniques such as FRET, electron microscopy and SAXS in collaboration with other groups to disclose the functional mechanism of proteins with a broader, multi-disciplinary approach.   

Our lab is at the Institute of Molecular Biology Barcelona, from the Spanish Research Council, located at the premises of Barcelona Science Park, www.pcb.ub.edu.  More information about our projects can be found at


>Candidates should have a university degree and a master's degree by September 2019, with a minimum of 300 European Higher Education Area ECTS credits (at least 60 must come from the master's studies). In addition, candidates must have a good level of English.

During September candidates to apply for the fellowship will be selected. The final official selection by the Ministry is expected by May 2020. For non-European successful candidates, please consider that visa procedures can delay the process by about 4-6 months after the official selection.


By September 25, 2019, interested candidates should have sent to maria.sola@ibmb.csic.es the following documentation:


-           Personal data and CV specifying education and experience

-           A motivation letter

-           The Certified Academic Record, showing the grades obtained (degree and master degree). If these are not in Spanish or English, applicants should attach a translation to one of these languages.

-           The addresses of two referees


After the closing date, the applications will be reviewed. Students will be selected on the basis of academic and technical excellence, reference letters, and their motivation. By the end of September, selected candidates will apply for the fellowship through the official online application form the Ministry.

Maria Solà
Dep. Structural Biology
Baldiri Reixach 10-12
Tel: (+34) 93 403 4950
Fax: (+34) 93 403 4979
e-mail: maria.sola@ibmb.csic.es

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