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[ccp4bb] postdoc position available

Argonne National Laboratory seeks a postdoctoral researcher to join the Structural Biology Center (SBC) at the Advanced Photon Source (APS) to develop methods in crystallography and other techniques. Building on our expertise in high resolution de novo structure determination, serial crystallography and a long history of cutting edge experiments, we would like to bring the next generation of experiments to the SBC general user program. The postdoctoral fellow will develop hardware and software to analyze molecular changes of structures as diffraction data is collected and processed autonomously, will create the experimental scope, source samples, collect and analyze data.

The SBC is committed to research in these areas as the direction of the crystallography is being shifted and as APS will provide advanced capabilities after the major ongoing upgrade. Research in multimodal crystallography is growing and expected to continue to increase for years to come. 

Please see link.


Changsoo Chang

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