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[ccp4bb] 2 positions around XChem-related compound design

Dear all, I have two open to work on fragment/XChem-related methodology for structure-based compound design.

Team Leader (applications close next Weds 1st May):  full ad here, summary:
We are recruiting an experienced computational chemist or scientific programmer, to head the Fragalysis project for automating fragment hit progression, part of the XChem collaboration between SGC and Diamond...  The Fragalysis project leader will be tasked with converting the existing proof-of-concept tool into a production-level system that is routinely usable for analysing XChem results and designing and acquiring follow-up compounds. This will entail setting the scientific direction and priorities of the project through close and continuous interaction with expert and novice users; coordinating a growing team of scientific programmers and contractors; liaising with and expanding a wide and international set of collaborators and contributors; securing further funding for the project; helping supervise students; and developing specific methodologies of their own.

Postdoc (closing Weds 15th May):  full advert here, this is a summary:
This role will be tasked with the design and acquisition of follow-up compounds based on fragment screening hits from the Target Enabling Package (www.thesgc.org/tep) and Ultra-DD (www.ultra-dd.org) programs. The successful candidate will coordinate experimental validation of the newly designed compounds with collaborating scientists in order to progress them towards potent molecules.

Prof Frank von Delft
Associate Professor Principal Investigator: Protein Crystallography
Structural Genomics Consortium
Oxford University
+44 1865 617583 (office: W,F)

Principal Beamline Scientist: I04-1
Diamond Light Source
+44 1235 778997 (office: M,T,T)
+44 7471 026103 (mobile)

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