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[ccp4bb] Postdoctoral position available @EMBL Hamburg

Dear all,

we are currently looking for a highly motivated molecular biologist with protein biochemistry expertise to develop the use of single domain antibodies as a platform technology for structural and functional studies
at the EMBL Hamburg unit. The research portfolio of the Hamburg Unit is mainly focused on structures of membrane proteins and large protein complexes by diverse structural biology approaches including X-ray
crystallography and cryo-electron microscopy. The successful candidate will work in a collaborative environment together with structural and computational biologists. You will be affiliated with the research group of Christian Löw.
The Löw laboratory is specialized in structural biology of integral membrane proteins. The team uses innovative approaches to study the structure and dynamics of nutrient uptake systems.

Further information about the position can be obtained under the following link: http://s.embl.org/HH00169



Margret Fischer
European Molecular Biology Laboratory
Senior Administrative Officer
Notkestrasse 85
22607 Hamburg
Tel: +49 40 89902110
Mob: +49 1754105760

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