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[ccp4bb] PhD position in Structural Biology

Dear all,
Please find below the advertisement for a PhD position in our research group:
 PhD position in Structural Biology at JGU/IMB Mainz, Germany
 A PhD position is available in the group of Eva Wolf at the Johannes Gutenberg University 
(JGU) and the Institute of Molecular Biology (IMB) in Mainz, Germany.
Research in the Wolf
group is focused on the structural, biochemical and biophysical analysis of proteins involved in circadian regulation (e.g. Czarna et al, Cell 2013;
Schmalen et al, Cell 2014). To elucidate
the molecular mechanisms underlying circadian (day-time dependent) gene regulation and
its adaptive evolution, the PhD student will structurally and functionally characterize circadian
clock proteins of various organisms. He/she will apply a wide range of techniques including
recombinant protein _expression_ (E.coli, insect cells), protein purification, X-ray crystallography,
biochemical and biophysical protein interaction studies and molecular biology to understand
how evolution engineers the 3D-structure, activity and molecular interactions of clock proteins
to tune their roles in gene regulation. Within collaborations, she/he will also analyze the
molecular interactions, functional activities and evolution of clock proteins using cell-based
approaches as well as behavioral and phylogenetic studies.

The project will be performed within a new DFG funded research training group (RTG) on
Gene regulation in evolution”, which enables extensive interdisciplinary collaborations and
Candidates with a strong interest in structural biology, protein biochemistry,
biophysics, protein structure-function relationship and evolutionary biology and a significant
previous exposure to these research areas during their master education are encouraged to apply. The prospective PhD student will also be affiliated with IMB’s International PhD program (IPP)
and must have a good command of English. The Wolf group is currently located at the IMB

PhD candidates must officially apply via the International PhD Programme (IPP, www.imb.de/PhD).

The deadline for registration at the IPP is May 22nd 2019.

Informal enquires should be addressed to Eva Wolf (evawolf1@uni-mainz.de).

With best regards,

Prof. Dr. Eva Wolf

Structural Chronobiology
IMB and University Mainz
Ackermannweg 4
55128 Mainz, Germany



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