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[ccp4bb] X-ray/EM postdoc position in SGC Oxford, to study rare diseases at the academic-pharma interface

Dear all, 

I am writing to circulate a postdoc position currently available in my group at SGC University of Oxford:


https://www.ndm.ox.ac.uk/current-job-vacancies/vacancy/140142-Postdoctoral-Research-Scientist---Structural-Biology-in-Metabolic-Diseases (deadline 29th Apr, 12pm UK)


Building on our glycogen research in the past few years (Bilyard et al 2018 Nature, Froese et al 2015 Hum Mol Genet, Chaikuad et al 2011 PNAS), we are seeking a structural biologist (x-ray/EM) to determine the molecular mechanism of glycogen biosynthesis, with a view to drug discovery for the group of rare diseases known as glycogen storage disorders.


He/she will forge close interactions with medicinal chemists and cell biologists at Pfizer rare disease research unit (Cambridge MA). This is ideally suited for early/mid-stage researchers who are excited by a career in drug discovery at the interface of academia and pharma (with opportunities to write papers, apply for grants, and disseminate data).

Informal enquiries to: wyatt.yue@sgc.ox.ac.uk

Visit our group page: https://www.thesgc.org/groupprofile/9491


Assoc Prof Wyatt Yue
SGC University of Oxford

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