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Re: [ccp4bb] Cryo-EM Full Professor position at Strasbourg University


Dear all,


kind reminder for those interested to apply for the cryo-EM full professor position in Strasbourg, the deadline for the registration via the Galaxie Web site is approaching (March 26th 2019).

Please note that there is either

a) a qualification step to have done already, or b) no need for that if you have an equivalent position elsewhere (e.g. associate professor or full professor in any other University in France or abroad).


If you are interested or have questions about the position please write to the contact persons indicated below.


Best regards,


Bruno Klaholz






From: Bruno KLAHOLZ
Sent: Monday, October 01, 2018 8:45 PM
Subject: RE: Cryo-EM Full Professor position at Strasbourg University



Dear all,


kind reminder for those interested to apply for the cryo-EM full professor position in Strasbourg, the deadline for the pre-registration to the qualification step is approaching (14.10.2018).

If you are interested or have questions about the procedure please write to the contact persons indicated below.


Best regards,


Bruno Klaholz













A full professor position is open at the Strasbourg University to establish a research team in molecular or cellular cryo electron microscopy. Candidates should have excellent international visibility in the field of molecular (single particles) or cellular (tomography, FIB / SEM imaging) electron microscopy. Their scientific profile may include the development of image processing methods (3-D reconstruction and refinement, 3-D classification of structures, subtomogram averaging, 3-D image segmentation), multi-scale analysis (correlative microscopy, integration of complementary methods, integration of multi-scale data) or sample preparation (controlled and time-resolved vitrification, cryo-sectioning, cryo-lamellas for cell tomography).


With a strong background in biophysics and structural biology, the candidate will consolidate and extend the teaching program in life sciences centered on multiscale imaging of biological macromolecules at the master level and in the newly funded graduate school for integrative molecular and cellular biology at Strasbourg University http://www.igbmc.fr/formation/imcbio and the associated Research Institutes. The applicant is also expected to have a leading role in cryo-EM trainings program developed at the national (FRISBI http://frisbi.eu) and ReNaFoBiS https://www.renafobis.fr and international level (Instruct-ERIC https://www.structuralbiology.eu).


The research team will be hosted at the Centre for Integrative Biology (CBI) http://www.igbmc.fr/grandesstructures/cbi at the Institute of Genetics and Molecular and Cellular Biology (IGBMC http://www-igbmc.fr) and the Department of Integrated Structural Biology (ISB http://www-igbmc.u-strasbg.fr/research/department/3) in Illkirch, France. IGBMC is one of the leading biomedical research centres in Europe and brings together more than 700 researchers, PhD students and scientific staff grouped into 50 research teams and over a dozen core facilities. IGBMC is dedicated to fundamental and applied research in life sciences, in the fields of gene _expression_ regulation, epigenetics, developmental biology and human genetics. Researchers have access to a wide range of methods including structural and functional analysis of biomolecules, cell biology, high throughput omics and mouse model systems.


The research teams in the ISB Department address fundamental biological questions mainly in the field of gene _expression_ regulation at the transcriptional level (epigenetics, basal transcriptional machinery, nuclear hormone receptors, histone modifiers, chromatin structure, DNA topology) and at the translational level (RNA stability, protein synthesis, ribosome structure). The recruited candidate is expected to develop an ambitious, innovative and collaborative research program creating a strong synergy with other IGBMC teams. 


The professorship is expected to start in September 2019. An attractive start-up package will be provided and the selected candidate will have access to the cutting-edge facilities at the CBI that hosts the French and European Infrastructures for Integrated Structural Biology FRISBI and Instruct-ERIC: http://frisbi.eu and https://www.structuralbiology.eu.


Your application:


If you hold an equivalent position (e.g. associate professor or full professor) or have gone through the qualification procedure described below you can now apply through the following website:


Deadline is 26.3.2019. 

Interviews will be held in May 2019.

0673021V, reference: 4551




https://www.galaxie.enseignementsup-recherche.gouv.fr/ensup/ListesPostesPublies/ANTEE/2019_1/0673021V/FOPC_0673021V_4551.pdf (includes english version)



Assistance can be provided by IGBMC administrative services.


Candidates should contact Bruno Klaholz  (bruno.klaholz@igbmc.fr) (33) 3, Patrick Schultz (patrick.schultz@igbmc.fr) (33)3 69 48 5 2 99 and Jean Cavarelli (jean.cavarelli@igbmc.fr) (33) for more information on the teaching profile.




General information on qualification procedure:

Unless candiates already have an equivalent position (e.g. associate professor or full professor), candidates who do not currently hold a “Qualification” for a Professor position in France must first obtain a qualification from the “Conseil National des Universités” (CNU, section 64), i.e. the insertion on a national list of those qualifying for a position of full Professor. This can be done through the Enrollment that takes place every year between mid-September and the end of October. Therefore, if needed, the next application for “qualification for a Professor Position” needs to be initiated by mid-October 2018 latest and the required documents uploaded by the end of December. Specific Web site for this “qualification process” is https://www.galaxie.enseignementsup-recherche.gouv.fr/ensup/cand_qualification_droit_commun.htm


The decisions on the application are communicated in January and the qualification is valid for 4 years. This qualification will allow people to apply to all Professor positions to be opened at French Universities.






Bruno P. Klaholz

Centre for Integrative Biology

Department of Integrated Structural Biology
Institute of Genetics and of Molecular and Cellular Biology
IGBMC - UMR 7104 - U 1258

1, rue Laurent Fries
BP 10142

Tel. from abroad: 0033.369.48.52.78
Tel. inside France:





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