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[ccp4bb] Biochemistry Postdoctoral Position at Imperial College London - Speck Lab

dear all,


Application deadline Tuesday March 26th.


a postdoctoral position is available at Imperial College London


The Speck Lab works on the mechanism of eukaryotic chromosome replication. We are looking for a passionate researcher interested in investigating molecular machines.

The ideal candidate will have  extensive expertise in Biochemistry and/or Structural Biology . The post holder will explore fundamental mechanism in DNA replication using biochemical approaches and work with another group member to determine the structure of replication complexes by cryo-EM.


Research framework and support structure: 

1.)    The group consists of >10 members, 8 postdocs, 2 students, lab manager and technician.

2.)    The lab is fully equipped for biochemistry (2 AKTAs, multiple temperature controlled shakers), two freezer mills, Biacore T100 and generously supported by the Wellcome Trust and multiple BBSRC grants.

3.)    Access to state-of-the-art facilities including Mass Spectrometry, Structural Biology and Bioinformatics.

4.)    The candidate will receive direct mentoring by the group head on grant applications, writing of manuscripts and project design.

5.)    We have direct access to a local cryo-EM facility with a 200KV FEG microscope and the LonCEM facility with a Krios (K3 & Falcon 3 detectors, phase plate, energy filter,..).


Interested individuals are welcome to contact me directly for more information.






here are a few links:


The Wellcome Trust funded 2-year position:




The group:




Closing date: 26 March 2019



Selected papers:


Noguchi Y*, Yuan Z*, Bai L*, Schneider S, Zhao G, Stillman B#, Speck C#, Li H# (2017) Cryo-EM structure of Mcm2-7 double hexamer on DNA suggests a lagging strand DNA extrusion model PNAS, Nov 7;114(45):E9529-E953


Riera A, Barbon M, Noguchi Y, Reuter LM, Schneider S, Speck C (2017) From structure to mechanism – understanding initiation of DNA replication Genes & Development, Jun 1;31(11):1073-108


Yuan Z*, Riera A*, Bai L*, Sun J*, Nandi S, Spanos C, Chen ZA, Barbon M, Rappsilber J#, Stillman B#, Speck C# and Li H# (2017) Structural basis of MCM2-7 replicative helicase loading by ORC-Cdc6 and Cdt1 Nature Structure & Molecular Biology, Mar;24(3):316-32


Chang F, Riera A, Evrin C, Sun J, Li H, Speck C*, Weinreich M* (2015) Cdc6 ATPase activity disengages Cdc6 from the pre-replicative complex to promote DNA replication eLife, Aug 25;4


Samel AS, Fernández-Cid A, Sun J, Riera A, Tognetti S, Herrera MC, Li H, Speck C (2014) A unique DNA entry gate for regulated loading of the eukaryotic replicative helicase onto DNA Genes & Development, Aug 1;28(15):1653-6


Sun J*, Fernandez-Cid A*, Riera A*, Tognetti S, Yuan Z, Stillman B#, Speck C#, Li H# (2014) Structural and mechanistic insights into Mcm2-7 double-hexamer assembly and function Genes & Development, Oct 15;28(20):2291-30


Sun J*, Evrin C*, Samel S, Fernández-Cid A, Riera A, Kawakami H, Stillman B#, Speck C#, Li H# Cryo-EM structure of a helicase loading intermediate containing ORC-Cdc6-Cdt1-MCM2-7 bound to DNA (2013) Nature Structure & Molecular Biology, August 5, (20), 944–951


Fernández-Cid A, Riera A, Tognetti S, Herrera MC, Samel S , Evrin C, Winkler C, Gardenal E,   Uhle S, Speck C. (2013) An ORC/Cdc6/MCM2-7 complex is formed in a multistep reaction to serve as a platform for MCM2-7 double-hexamer formation  Molecular Cell, Volume 50, Issue 4, 577-588, 18 April





Professor Christian Speck, PhD, FRSB

Chair in Genome Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Wellcome Trust Investigator


Imperial College London

Faculty of Medicine

Institute of Clinical Sciences (CRB room 3006)

Hammersmith Hospital Campus

Du Cane Road

London W12 0NN


Tel: 0044 20 8383 3387

Mobile: 0044 796 181 5557

Skype ID: dna_rep


email: christian.speck@imperial.ac.uk

website: www.specklab.com

Imperial College website: www.imperial.ac.uk/people/chris.speck


http://www.wellcome.ac.uk/stellent/groups/corporatesite/@policy_communications/documents/web_document/wtvm050463.jpg     cid:image002.png@01D33B79.8BEFDA70



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