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[ccp4bb] Job posting: Beamline scientist at AMX beamline, NSLS-II.

Dear all,

A position of beamline scientist for the highly Automated Macromolecular Crystallography beamline (AMX) at the National Synchrotron Light Source II is currently open.


The National Synchrotron Light Source-II (NSLS-II) at Brookhaven National Laboratory seeks a scientist to join the Structural Biology program that operates two state-of-the-art macromo­lecular crystallography (MX) beamlines, one life-sciences scattering beamline, and a cryo-EM facility. The successful candidate will be keen to make best scientific use of the MX beamlines with their micro-focus beams and high degree of automation. Our early experience with these cutting-edge MX beamlines shows that they have ability to produce usable data rapidly from crystals that gave poor diffraction elsewhere.


The principal work in the next years will be to support all aspects of the beamline operations and to continue developing these instruments to expand opportunities for structural biology research.


Position Description


The new scientist who joins this multi-national group operating cutting-edge instruments will bring innovation and teamwork to further the quality of X-ray crystallography beamlines. The successful candidate will be encouraged to develop opportunities for scientific collaborations that exploit the unique qualities of our beamlines. We would emphasize extending the mission and technical scope of the beamline, especially by increasing automated data processing in our high-performance computing environment and enhancing specimen-handling automation. Responsibilities will also include interacting with the scientific user community to augment their scientific productivity with complementary NSLS-II life-science user programs and our cryo-EM facility.

Our group operates 2 state of the art MX beamlines, AMX (high throughout and automation) FMX (frontier experiments including serial crystallography) and LIX the life science scattering beamline.
AMX is a microfocus beamline with a beam size of 7x5 um2 and a flux of 4.5 1012 ph.s-1.
AMX is a tunable beamline with a 5-18 keV range, well suited for high resolution data collection from large assemblies and native phasing from challenging samples. 
AMX is equipped with a state-of-the-art robotics system, a high capacity sample Dewar holding up to 384 samples and an Eiger 9M detector.  
Further details and how to apply can be found here:
Please don't hesitate to get into touch for further information. 
Best regards,
Dr. Jean Jakoncic         
Lead Beamline Scientist, AMX
National Synchrotron Light Source II, Brookhaven National Laboratory
Upton, NY, 11973, USA
tel: (+1) 631 344 3930   
email: jjakoncic@bnl.gov



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