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[ccp4bb] Postdoctoral Research Fellowship Structural Biology/CryoEM University of Oxford - DEADLINE 22/03/19

The Huber lab at the Structural Genomics Consortium (SGC) and Target Discovery Institute (TDI) at the University of Oxford is looking for a highly motivated and enthusiastic postdoctoral fellow to join our team to explore the structure and function of proteins involved in GTPase-mediated glucose transporter trafficking. The position is funded by the Novo Nordisk – Oxford Fellowship Programme and presents an exciting opportunity to investigate potential new drug targets in the context of diabetes. The initial focus of the project will be on protein _expression_ and structure determination but also offers the opportunity to develop assays and screen small molecule compounds in collaboration with an interdisciplinary team of scientists from both academia and pharma. In addition, each fellow is given a mentor at Novo Nordisk. As part of their project, fellows will be given the opportunity to spend time in the laboratories of Novo Nordisk in Copenhagen.

The postdoctoral research fellowships are aimed at early career researchers and are fully funded for a three year period and provide the fellow’s salary, a generous travel allowance and consumable support. Applicants are expected to have a strong and demonstrable track record in protein biochemistry and X-ray crystallography; experience with cryoEM is a plus but not a requirement.


Additional details about the programme and project can be found online:






Interested candidates are welcome to contact me before applying in case there are any additional questions.


Deadline for applications: 12.00 noon on Friday 22 March 2019



Kilian Huber

Target Discovery Institute

Structural Genomics Consortium

Nuffield Department of Medicine

University of Oxford

NDM Research Building

Old Road Campus

Roosevelt Drive





Email: kilian.huber(at)sgc.ox.ac.uk

Website: www.chembiohub.com


Follow us on Twitter: @chembiohub


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